Why is my scale head not connecting?

There are many possible reasons why a scale head is not connecting to your Scale App using Bluetooth. Listed below are common causes.

  1. Is your scale head turned on and close to you? The scale head must be turned on and within 1000 feet of your iPad to connect. Select a load while in the Scale App and click on the Load button. Once in the load screen, click the white Select Scale box. If you are in range of a scale head, the product name or number will appear for you to select.
  2. Is Bluetooth shut off? Double check your Bluetooth is turned on in your iPad settings. This will appear in the grey Settings icon. Look for the Bluetooth option to be ON; this might be near the option for WiFi and Airplane Mode.
  3. Did your iOS Apple Software update recently? If so, there could be an additional Bluetooth setting for each app. Click on iPad Setting, and scroll down on the left side menu until you see Performance Beef. Select Performance Beef and make sure the Bluetooth setting is turned ON.

It is important to remember to go through the steps above before you start feeding for the day. If you do not, you run the risk of losing data.


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