Calibrate Your POINT Scale Head

Calibrate your POINT scale head with ease by using the Scale-Tec POINT app. Read the steps below to calibrate your scale head and get started feeding accurately.

    Please click here to go to the Scale Tec Support Center for the step by step instructions on how to calibrate your POINT device. In some cases, your POINT’s firmware may need to be updated as well.


    The calibration of your Point scale head is crucial to feeding accurately. If your scale head is not calibrated correctly, you could be over or under feeding your cattle. Calibration could be needed after re-establishing a power source to your mixer/wagon. If you use your scale head with a new wagon or change wagons temporarily, you will also need to recalibrate your scale head. Each calibration is unique to the weight bars on a mixer/wagon.

    If you have any hardware related questions during this time, please contact Scale-Tec support at 888-962-2344.


    Our Customer Success team is here to help. If you have questions, contact us by calling 515-337-2187 or email us at Be sure to take advantage of our complete resource library and how-to videos created to help you succeed.


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