Customize Your App Settings

In the Scale App of Performance Beef, you have the option to add sound, lock the scale by default and replace the serial code name of your scale head. By customizing your scale app settings, you can control how the scale app is used on your feedlot.

To access these settings:

  1. In the Scale App, click the three white bars in the upper left corner.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Sound:
    1. Select On for your device to beep when you are within 10% of your target while loading and delivering.  
    2. Select Off for no sound.
  4. Lock scale by default:
    1. Select On for the scale head to automatically lock each time you load ingredients or deliver to pens.
    2. Select Off  for the scale head to automatically be unlocked each time you load ingredients or deliver to pens.
  5. Rename Scale Head (Bluetooth Devices):
    1. From the list of devices below Bluetooth Devices, click the device you wish to rename.
    2. In the white box to the right of Device Name, delete the existing name and type in the new name. Example: Feed Wagon 2
    3. Click Accept in the upper right corner.
    4. The new name will now be a selection in your load and delivery screens (as long as your iOS device is within 1000 feet of the scale head).

While sound is defaulted to off, once turned on your scale app will serve as the remote readout you might be used to. These settings also include the ability to lock the scale app from changing weights when on the load or delivery screen. The default lock can be useful when on an uneven surface, or while moving the feed wagon from place to place. If you have multiple scale heads, renaming each device serial number to a name you recognize can save precious time while doing daily chores.


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