Financial Related Analytics

Create a more cost-efficient business with the help of the Analytics tab within Performance Beef. Read the steps below to view cost related operation data.

  1. Click the Analytics tab on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click the Pen/Group drop-down box on the far left side of the screen and choose a pen or group to view.
  3. Click the second drop-down box on the top of the page and select one of the options below to visualize your business costs:
    1. Ration Cost: Representation of the cost of the ration being fed to a pen per head. This can be seen on a pen or group basis.
    2. Total Cost: The total cost accrued over time per group.
    3. Ration Cost %: Displays per pen or group, the cost distribution of the ration being fed by ingredient.
    4. Total Cost %: Displays the cost distribution per group. This includes all costs associated with a group.

For those who use a growth model, there are additional options to view intake related information such as total cost to gain and projected weight. The growth model takes more factors into consideration in order to display more accurate, real-time performance data to help producers make predictions and in turn, more informed decisions.

Note: If you’re not currently using a growth model, contact us to learn how to get access to a growth model.

       e.   Total Cost/Gain: All costs associated per one pound of gain. This includes daily                           cost/gain, to-date cost/gain and breakeven per group only.

       f.   Total Feed Cost/Gain: Total feed cost associated per one pound of gain displayed per                group.

Note: These charts can be exported by clicking the Export button on the top right corner of the page. Choose the type of file you want to download by clicking the three white bars on the top right corner of the chart.


The analytics highlighted above are not only focusing on feed costs, but also all other costs associated with a group. The combination of these analytics gives you and your trusted advisors a bigger picture of your business expenses. In terms of feed costs, these analytics can help you pinpoint where and when extra feed was used, therefore giving more insight on how feed costs might have jumped during a certain timeframe. Other costs such as processing, bedding, etc. are also captured with whole group total cost data. To view more analytics, click on the articles below.


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