Creating POINT Settings Profile & Adjusting POINT Settings

If you use the same POINT device for feeding & processing, we encourage you to create a profile for each application to save custom settings. This will save you time when switching between feeding & processing with the same POINT. Read more below.

Note: We recommend a new, separate POINT is purchased specifically for Animal Health. 

  • If you purchased a POINT specifically for Animal Health, you do not need to call Scale-Tec as the scalehead comes with an animal weighing profile already set up. 
  • Use these steps if you are using a POINT purchased before using Animal Health to create an animal weighing profile.


  1. Learn how to create a custom profile in the POINT app here.

You must contact Scale-Tec via phone to have the Animal Weighing profile template applied to your POINT indicator (you are unable to create a new template/profile yourself). Once the template is applied, it may be customized by using step 2 below, or Scale-Tec phone support is able to help customize each setting. 

Note: Have your POINT serial number or the email address used to register your POINT in the POINT app ready when you call Scale-Tec at 888-962-2344. 

How do I access the serial number? Have your phone camera ready and power on the POINT and capture a photo of the welcome screen. The 9 digit serial number will appear on the welcome screen.

 2.   Learn more about each POINT device setting and how to adjust them here

The main setting to adjust in the custom profile is the calibration weight. Learn how to calibrate the POINT using a known weight here. Once calibrated and weighing correctly, the new calibration weight from the Set Cal screen will need to be saved to the custom profile under Calibration Weight. This will ensure the POINT returns to the correct calibration for your chute each time you choose the custom profile.

Note: Recommended settings for the animal weight profile on the POINT are found here. Use caution when changing the default settings as it will affect the user experience of weighing and tracking cattle.


If you have any hardware related questions during this time, please contact Scale-Tec support at 888-962-2344.


Our Customer Success team is here to help. If you have questions, contact us by calling 515-337-2187 or email us at Be sure to take advantage of our complete resource library and how-to videos created to help you succeed.


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