Low Frequency Wand Compatibility & Manuals

Having the right hardware is important when starting your journey using Performance Beef Animal Health and our Processing App. Read the list below for compatible wands and their manuals.

  • Tru-Test XRS2 Stick Reader - manual 
  • Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader - manual 
  • Allflex 420 Series Stick Reader
      • Example: “Allflex RS420 60CM Bluetooth Reader”  - manual
  • Gallagher HR5 - manual

    Note: These wands are all Bluetooth capable. If you have questions on another brand or model, it must be Bluetooth capable for it to be considered. Please speak to a Performance Beef sales or support team member to confirm compatibility before purchasing any brand other than those listed above.


    The Scale-Tec ultra high frequency reader does not read low frequency (button) tags.


    Our Customer Success team is here to help. If you have questions, contact us by calling 515-337-2187 or email us at support@cattlekrush.com. Be sure to take advantage of our complete resource library and how-to videos created to help you succeed.


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