Manage Individual Animal Health Treatments

Backdating or editing a past Animal Health record is easy with the individual and bulk updater features within the Animal Health tab. Read below to manage Animal Health records.

Edit a single animal:

  1. Click on the Health tab on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click on the Group ID in which the animal exists. 
  3. Scroll down to the Animals in Group section. 
  4. Find the animal to edit records for. Use the Search box to the upper right of the animal list to search for a tag number. Click Edit on the animal’s row. 
  5. Under each section (Completed, Animal History and Notes) you can edit entries or add new ones. 
    1. Add a new entry by clicking + Add Row to the right of the section.
  6. Make as many edits as desired then click Save Changes in the upper left corner. 


Edit multiple animals simultaneously:

  1. Click on the Health tab on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click on the Overall animal count at the top of the screen. 
  3. Begin selecting animals to edit by clicking the circle on the far left of the row. 
    1. Animals can be filtered by group(s) using the drop-down box in the upper right corner. 
    2. Animals can also be sorted using the arrows on each header (ID, gender, last diagnosis ect.)
    3. The search box in the upper right corner can also help find animals by ID, last process date, etc.

Note the following: 

  • Only Alive and Sold animals from all groups will load by default. Filtering groups will populate Dead animals.
  • Double check you have the correct animals as a tag number could exist in multiple groups. 
  • Ensure you have intended animals selected, i.e. uncheck dead animals if you select all animals to bulk update a recent treatment.
  • Use the ‘Group closed, but individual still on feed’ filter to find animals not sold with the group and need to be sold here using the Sold button.   

 4.    When all desired animals are selected, click Edit in the lower right corner. 

a.   If mass selling individual animals that were not sold with the group, click Sold in the            lower right corner.

b.   Select which Sold event (from the Sheets tab) each animal should be associated with          or use the Mass Edit toggle to select one event for all animals.

c.   Click Save.

 5.    Edit gender, group ID tags are assigned to, past weights, treatments and diagnoses as                  needed.

    1. Add a new entry in the weight, treatment or diagnoses sections, click + Add New Weight / New Treatment / New Diagnosis at the bottom of the section.
    2. Remove an entry by clicking the red X on the right side of the row. 
    3. If you would like to edit all animals for a particular category at once, click the mass edit toggle in the upper right corner of that section. Once you turn on the mass edit toggle, it will filter all items in that section to items in common across all animals you selected.

Note the following:

  • If you assign a different Group ID here, you will need to organize the head count in the Webview. Learn more here or call our Customer Success team for more information.
  • When adding a new weight-based treatment, a valid weight must be recorded within 1 day of the treatment. Weight-based treatments without a corresponding weight will have to be entered as a fixed dose or weight must be applied to the animal.

 6.    Make as many edits as desired then click Save Changes in the upper left corner. 


The bulk updater is best used when you may have had an equipment malfunction and you need to apply a processing event to a large number of animals. They may also be used to enter a missing session, treatment or diagnosis or edit an existing session, etc. These editing tools may only be used on animals previously processed/scanned into the Animal Health platform. 


Our Customer Success team is here to help. If you have questions, contact us by calling 515-337-2187 or email us at Be sure to take advantage of our complete resource library and how-to videos created to help you succeed.


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