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Navigating the Consultant Portal

The consultant portal allows you to view all your customers in one place, sort yards with custom filters and ultimately identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement. Read more to learn how to navigate your consultant portal.

Note: Performance Beef customers must provide access to trusted advisors by sharing their account. Only accounts with shared access will be viewable in the consultant account.


Users: Manage Tracker and Full Accounts

  • Click on the account name to access the client’s account.

Table: View information by group within the Table tab on the left side.

  1. View a Closeout report by clicking on the Group ID. This report will open in the client's account.
    1. Sort: Sort groups by any column by clicking on the column header you want.
    2. Search: Search for groups by using the Search box on the top right corner of the page.

Charts: View group distributions of head count, days on feed, purchase weight, projected weight, rate of gain, feed to gain, Dry Matter Intake (DMI) per day, death loss, 5 day DMI per day, and days on ration. 

  1. Click any chart data interval to view detailed information listed by account name.
  2. Click View Report to the right of the group listed to view the group Closeout Report. 

Note: Filter Table and Charts - 

  1. By Account Name: Click the All Accounts drop-down box in the upper right corner. Select one or more account names from the list to filter the list of groups.
  2. By Group Type: Select the type of group (Open or Closed) by clicking on the drop-down box in the upper left corner.
  3. Click the Filters button with a gear icon in the upper right corner to customize and filter the data points.  


Export information by clicking Export CSV in the upper right corner of either the Table or Charts page.


As a nutritionist or other trusted advisor, the consultant portal helps you customize your view to provide insights on new cattle, feed intake and diet changes. The portal provides a real-time pulse on every customer in an easy-to-use format. Easily maximize your efficiency and provide valuable insights to your customers.


Our Customer Success team is here to help. If you have questions, contact us by calling 515-337-2187 or email us at support@cattlekrush.com. Be sure to take advantage of our complete resource library and how-to videos created to help you succeed.


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