Selling Cattle Out

Track your feedlot performance and financial standing on a daily basis. With Performance Beef, you can record true cattle sales, giving our platform two key factors used in calculating your breakeven and cattle projections.

  1. Click the Overview tab on the left side of your Performance Beef account.
  2. On the upper right corner, click the green +/- Head button.
  3. Click the green Sold button on the top of the screen.
  4. Enter your cattle information:
    1. The date sold, Group ID(s), Pen ID, destination of cattle, head count, animal IDs (if using Animal Health), total pay weight, total gross dollars and sales expenses.
    2. Enter hedges and whether it is a profit or loss value.

Note: If multiple groups are chosen, make sure the groups are in one pen. The entry cannot save deaths from multiple pens at one time.

Sell Head

Note: If you are unsure of a value such as total cost, total pay weight, etc. make sure to enter a 1 or 0 before clicking save. For more information on editing added head values, see the articles linked below.

 6.   Click the green Preview button on the upper left corner to save any sold entry.

 7.   Click the green Confirm button on the lower right corner of the pop-up window.


Note: In order to track yardage and feed for the current sale date, you must enter the sale date as the day after. This is because there are no time stamps on movements, therefore cattle sold out will be considered sold at midnight on the date entered into the sale entry.

Head count accuracy is important to all facets of the platform. If you are short on time or are missing values such as the total gross paid or the pay weight, double check you have a head count entered. Other values can be edited at a later date.


Our Customer Success team is here to help. If you have questions, contact us by calling 515-337-2187 or email us at Be sure to take advantage of our complete resource library and how-to videos created to help you succeed.


Keeping Head Count Organized: Edit Added Head - Edit the head count, weight, purchase cost and other incoming cattle information in the Sheets tab.

Keeping Head Count Organized: Edit Sold Head - Follow the steps in this article to ensure cattle information is organized and true based on a real-time head count.

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