Setting the Number of Deliveries Per Day

Need to adjust your intakes with an additional drop for the day? Changing the number of delivery columns on your Overview Tab is simple in Performance Beef. Follow the steps below to set the number of deliveries per day.

  1. Click on the Account Settings button on the top right corner of your Performance Beef account.
  2. Scroll down to System Settings
  3. In the Number of Feed Deliveries/Day category, select the number of deliveries/day you need by clicking on the white box.

Note: Changing this setting from the 2 (Default View), to another choice will:

  1. Allow you to view a list of Group ID’s and respective head counts within each pen along with the pounds fed per day, per head.
  2. Allow you to change the ration for each load that has not been loaded or delivered in the Delivery tab. Changing rations in the delivery tab will allow each pen to stay in the load it is currently in.

 4.   The selection made will automatically save. 

 5.   Click on the Overview tab on the left side of the screen to see the updated number of                   deliveries. 

Note: It is not required to assign a ration and target weight for each pen. If a pen does not receive an additional delivery, just leave the ration selection to Default/No Rations and target weight as 0. 


Customizing the number of deliveries per day allows you to decide how much information you see at a glance and how you feed using information on your Overview tab. Pen headcounts are likely to fluctuate frequently with cattle movements, so having the headcount and pounds fed readily available, calculated, and always updated makes it easy for you to make quick changes. Customizing your Overview tab allows you to manage the number of deliveries per pen thus being able to step up a pen with a different target weight or ration per delivery.


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