Understanding Closeout Report Data

Performance Beef Closeout Reports provide valuable, automated data and eliminates guesswork. This article highlights a few popular feedlot values and also includes a document with the inner workings of Performance Beef closeout report calculations.

                                     Values to Highlight 

Note: Follow along with a closeout report of your own to reference specific terms and values by following the steps in Running Feedlot Closeout Reports to run a closeout report prior to reading this article. Please also note:  

  • The examples use values from an example Closeout A.
  • Closeout A and Closeout B will feature different performance data and level of detail. 
  • When groups are sold, the sell weight and costs will be used to generate reports, whereas when the cattle are still on feed, the projected weight is used.
Average Feed Intake/Head/Day
→ per-day measure of feed intake per head

= Total Fed ÷ Total Head Days
45.75lbs = 2,090,570lbs ÷ 45,696 days
Deads-Out = Total Fed ÷ Deads-Out Total Head Days
45.75lbs = 2,076,296lbs ÷ 45,384 days
Average Feed IntakeHeadDay

Average Daily Gain
→ estimated daily weight gain per head
Growth model = (Projected Weight/Head - Purchase Weight/Head) ÷ Feeding Period
Whole & On Feed = Total Gain ÷ Total Head Days
Sold = (Sell Weight - In Weight) ÷ Total Head Days of Cattle Sold
Example: (Deads In)
3.93lbs/day = (404,899lbs - 225,365lbs) ÷ 45,696 days
Average Daily Gain

Dry Matter Feed/Gain → the amount of dry matter fed per pound gained = Total Dry Matter Fed ÷ Total Gain
Example: (Deads in)
6.83lbs = 1,226,443lbs ÷ 179,534lbs
Dry Matter FeedGain





→ amount of feed required per pound of gain
= Total Fed ÷ Total Gain
Example: (Deads In)
11.64lbs = 2,090,570lbs ÷ 179,534lbs

Feed Cost/Gain
→ total feed cost per pound of gain
= Total Feed Expense ÷ Total Gain
Example: (Deads In)
$0.55 = $99,274.44 ÷ 179,534lbs
Feed CostGain

→ total costs of production per pound of gain

= Total Production Costs* ÷  Total Gain

* includes: Production costs include the following: Feed costs, Cattle interest, Feed interest, Veterinary costs, Medicine costs, Processing costs, Bedding costs, Insurance costs, Profit sharing costs, Other costs, Yardage costs, Management costs; does NOT include cost of cattle, trucking or sales expense,  thus you must subtract these costs from the total cost.

Example: (Deads In)
$0.74 = ($434,231.57 - $294,892.30 - $1,620.61 - $5,191.63) / 179,534 lbs


To find other values featured on closeout reports from Google Chrome click here. Scroll through the document as needed.

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Note: All Closeout values are Deads-In calculations. Deads-In calculations do not pull out the costs associated with a group’s death loss. See which values are being displayed here. Please see the Reports Calculation Breakdown sheet if you need more information about each value on your feedlot closeout reports.

The Reports document serves as a one-stop-shop to view how all performance data is calculated automatically in your Performance Beef account. The document not only provides the values, but also features definitions and scenarios related to your closeout reports to help you become more familiar with your Performance Beef reports and account. 


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